Demetre Phillips Reading Response #3

In David Wilkins article, “A Tour of Indian Peoples and Indian Lands” and Michael W. Suleiman’s “The Arab Immigrant Experience,” Native Americans and Arab-Americans have had many years of trouble with relations with White America and are not races that are understood by the U.S. yet. Native and Arab-Americans have both been forced to become Americanized and follow American ideologies. Each of the articles explains how the US try to control and make decisions for these two groups of people. What gave these people the names Native American and Arab-American was being Americanized. Indians were savages and Arabs are now always associated with terrorists. This happens because of different media being negative towards these groups of people. Integrating these groups into American society was the main goal for the US, but the Indians were here before Europeans stepped onto this land. Race has come a long way since these acts of colonialism. Before colonialism race was not even a term in the language of Indians. Indians started in North America when Arab people immigrated over for the “American Dream.” After 9/11, Arabs have been seen as terrorists by many people all because of what a terrorist group did. The American society has made Arab Americans and Native Americans struggle to be accepted in the US. Even though Arabs have done better economically on average the struggle to be accepted into America is still hard because of the idea of race being the thing that relates one group of people to another.