Reflecting on the Past

Violence in movies has been talk for a long time and is still being talked about in a bad way by many people. When I think of a movie I want to watch it usually has violence in it, and I am not causing the crimes that are happening in these movies. After looking at all sorts of different articles I came to the conclusion that it is not the movies that are harmful to our youth but it is the mass media and news that cause more violence, this is because youth see other people on tv that have caused crimes and they think the man or women that is on the tv is famous and they want to be like them.

When looking at my past blogs I see that most of the articles that I looked at are against violence in movies and how copy cat crimes are instigated, etc. When I read most of these articles or ted talks or blogs I see a common theme in all of them, which is violence in movies increases aggression in children. Also there are articles that completely make you rethink violence in movies and make you look more at how news reflects violence. There are more violent movies in the top 100 grossing movies than any other genre and only three of these movies are G rated.

Blogging about Violence and drugs in movies and the movie Notorious was very interesting and I tried to look at every side of the argument without bias. I took into account all the arguments that were made but the only argument that I agreed with is that violent movies are not whats causing violence and drug use in youth. All movies are doing is giving people something to enjoy doing. Regulation of movies would be devastating to the whole genre of action thrillers, and not just that one genre but most genres of movies have some sort of violence in them.

When I was blogging about this topic it made me think of many other arguments that I could make toward violent movies not being harmful to the youth. Such as consequences in movies make it so the youth know when something is really bad and then in return these children will hopefully remember these consequences and never repeat what happened in these movies. This is why I think the movie Notorious does much more good to the youth rather than bad because of all the consequences in the film.


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