Biggie Smalls Autopsy Report Leaked: Graphic Details Of Christopher Wallace’s Death Revealed

This article is about the Notorious BIG’s murder and why it is still unsolved. The Notorious BIG was killed in his car from a very rare type of bullet only found in Germany. FBI also discovered that he had ties to the Genovese crime family. There is also speculation that Tupac’s gang killed him because of the false accusation against Biggie 6 months earlier for killing Tupac. I think this is a very good look at gang violence and revenge. People now still think the Biggie was an amazing person and he did very well in his short life. This article in a way gives rap a bad name because everyone says that rap music promotes violence, as you can see from the deaths of tupac and the Notorious BIG.



TED TALKS (How Darius Weems became a rap star and clinical trial maverick: ABC Nightline to feature this TED Fellow)

This ted talks is about his young kid named darius and is diagnosed with a disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy and becomes a rap artist. This is a very inspirational talk becasue he was in a wheel chair at age 12 and by age 22 he had a record deal at New South Entertainment. This really shows me that you can be anyone and be whatever you want if you try your hardest. I am relating this to my research topic because in the movie Notorious, Biggie tries so hard to become a musician and in the end his hard work pays off.

TED TALKS (Is the music of today good or bad)

This ted talks is about rap music and how he thinks that rap is the worst influence on children and sends a very obnoxious message to these children. He also says that he doesn’t listen to to that much music so he is not a very credible person to talk about rap music. Rap musicians and lyrics say a lot of things that can be interpreted wrong but what people need to do is pay more attention to what the lyrics are really saying.

Notorious BIG (Juicy)

Notorious BIG is a story telling rapper. When you hear his rhymes he is very descriptive in what he is saying. It’s like you were right there when it happen as you listen to him speak. When the first verse in the song juicy is over the group Total starts singing the chorus. The words to the chorus are:
You know very well who you are
Don’t let em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a goal, but not that many
’cause you’re the only one I’ll give you good and plenty

All of Notorious BIG’s lyrics mean something in his life story and that is why it is so easy to figure out what he is trying to say.